FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation

We prefer to use the hair transplantation method known as Follicular Unit Extraction. This transplant method is typically called FUE, and involves taking good hair follicles from the entire scalp area by use of a very small hair retrieval tool. Follicular Unit Extraction does not involve removing any scalp skin at all and, because of that, is not a painful procedure.

Why we love the FUE method:

  • Minimal Pain During the Procedure – Because of the fact that we are not removing a large section of scalp skin and are only taking small follicles out one at a time, patients will experience very minimal pain during their FUE hair restoration surgery. The entire scalp will be numbed before the procedure begins, and your comfort level will be monitored throughout the duration of the procedure.
  • Low Post-Surgical Discomfort – Our patients report that they have little to no pain after having their FUE hair transplant. We do recognize that everyone heals differently and has different pain tolerance levels, and we will treat any postoperative pain with appropriate pain medication as needed.
  • No Noticeable Scarring – Follicular Unit Extraction involves removing individual hairs using a small punch tool. Due to the fact that there will be no large incision and no stitches, the small incisions that are made by the punch tool will be covered by the rest of the patient’s hair and will not be noticeable to others.
  • Speedy Healing Time – In this busy day and age, our patients tell us they need to be back to work and back to living life as soon as possible. The FUE method allows patients to return to work very quickly, with typically only one to two days of downtime.
  • Few Restrictions After Surgery – Although we do encourage our patients to take it easy in the days and weeks following a hair transplantation, the FUE method means that you will be freer to move around and you will be able to start exercising much sooner than if a different, more invasive procedure were used.
  • No Stitches Needed – This speaks for itself and speaks volumes! No one really wants stitches if they can avoid it, right? The small incisions made with the punch tool will heal easily on their own.

Additionally, Make Your Hair Grow Faster utilizes the Follicular Unit Extraction method because many patients have scalp skin that is very tight, and removing a section of skin would result in major healing problems. There is no resultant wound after an FUE transplant, therefore making the healing period quick and nearly pain free! The FUE method is also beneficial when using body hair as donor hair, and in smaller procedures like eyebrow or beard restorations.

It is true that the Follicular Unit Extraction method is a lengthier procedure than other methods due to the fact that each hair graft is removed individually. Despite the added length to the procedure time, we feel that the benefits of using the FUE method greatly outweigh any negatives. We’ve had major successes using Follicular Unit Extraction and we encourage you to set up your consultation with us today and for pricing!