About Us

About Us

Our surgical hair transplant team is highly skilled and trained in a variety of hair transplantation methods. Our main goal at Make Your Hair Grow Faster is to have 100% client satisfaction. Essentially, we aren’t happy until you are thrilled with your results.

There are a few things we would like you, as our potential future client to know about us:

  • Our reputation precedes us – Ask any number of our previous clients and you will find that their hair transplant results were exactly what they were looking for. We receive rave reviews and encourage you to look through our Before and After photo collection. You will be highly impressed with our results!
  • We are affordable – Always trying to find a balance between embracing the newest and best quality transplant technology and also offering reasonable prices, we find that our customers are satisfied with the prices we charge for our services. Payment plans are available for anyone who is interested in spreading their payments out, as well.
  • Our office is CLEAN – It has to be said that not all medical offices are created equal. At Make Your Hair Grow Faster, we take the cleanliness and sterility of every inch of our facility very seriously, including the waiting room, office area and restrooms. Your hair transplant surgery will take place in a room that has been thoroughly sterilized to medical standards.
  • We Care – You’ll find that your experience here at Make Your Hair Grow Faster is made even better because of our personnel. Everyone from our office staff members to our surgeons and everyone in between is just like one giant family. We welcome all of our patients very warmly, and your comfort is always on our mind while you’re with us, and even after you go home.

As everyone with hair loss is different, rest assured that you will be given an extensive evaluation upon your first visit with us. During your initial visit, you’ll be given a physical examination and some tests may be run as well. This will help our doctors to create a hair transplant plan that is right for you and your unique situation.

There are many factors that go into creating the right hair transplant “plan of attack,” and our team covers all of the bases in order to ensure that your needs are met along with your expectations.

Also, we always like to reassure new patients that we are very concerned about your pain relief during and after your surgery. A Make Your Hair Grow Faster surgical hair transplant will not be painful because your scalp will be given pain relief prior to the procedure. Afterward, you will be given pain relief medicine for any residual discomfort during the healing process of your hair transplant.

Don’t let a fear of the unknown hold you back from making a huge improvement in your life. When you work with Make Your Hair Grow Faster, we will put all of your fears to rest and will answer every last one of your questions so that you can make the right decision regarding your hair loss.