Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are so many reasons that cause people (men and women alike) to lose their hair. The causes range from genetics and thyroid disorders to some medications and a number of health conditions. Hair loss has a surprisingly huge effect on one’s happiness, and can lead to anxiety and depression very easily.

The reason that losing one’s hair can be so devastating is that a thick, lustrous head of hair is associated with good health, good looks, and youth. Although our bodies age in other ways, losing your hair can be particularly traumatic. Just the idea of beautiful hair brings about images of men and women who are or were well known for their pleasing appearance.

Men and women are both psychologically affected when they begin to lose their hair, although in slightly different ways. Women feel that their hair is what makes them sexy and desirable. Men who are going bald often feel as if they are less masculine and virulent.

Because of the significant effect hair loss has on almost everyone affected by it, we are happy to announce that there is a solution to your thinning or balding hair! Make Your Hair Grow Faster has an amazing team of surgeons and hair restoration specialists who will carefully examine your hair and scalp in order to determine exactly what is causing your hair to fall out. Once we have determined why you are losing hair, we can set up a program and a plan that works for you.

Your hair restoration program will be created specifically for you and targeted to your particular type of hair loss. Make Your Hair Grow Faster is proud to be able to offer our patients a less invasive hair transplant procedure that provides excellent results. Every patient has an individual situation and we are very serious about making sure that your hair restoration program will be effective for your hair loss issue.


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Hair Blues

If you have been feeling depressed or worried about your thinning/balding hair – call Make Your Hair Grow Faster today to talk to a member of our intake team. S/he will be able to schedule you for an evaluation with our transplantation team. We can’t wait to work with you and give you a realistic and attractive head of hair.

FUE Transplant

Luckily, Follicular Unit Extraction is almost always a permanent solution to hair loss for most patients. Your procedure will be performed in our offices in an outpatient setting. By using less invasive surgical techniques, we enable our patients to have a lot fewer restrictions immediately following their procedure. This can be attractive to many people who need to return to work quickly and don’t have a lot of extra time in their schedules.

Hair Growth

Make Your Hair Grow Faster has a trained surgical team on-site that specializes in a new revolution of hair transplantation known as Follicular Unit Extraction, usually referred to as FUE. This procedure is still surgical hair transplantation, but is much less invasive than traditionally used techniques. FUE does not involve harvesting a strip of your scalp, which can be quite a frightening concept for some people.


Turkey Hair Transplants

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FUE Treatments for Transplants

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Hair Transplant

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